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Amanat is a story on values and principles. Zarar is care taking his friends’ wife upon his request. In the wake of his sudden death, Zarar is left with no choice but to marry her to provide shelter. However, Zarar’s love interest, out of revenge, marries his younger brother.

Imran Abbas as Zarar is a confident settled person, who is trying to keep a balance in life.
Sabor Aly as Zunaira is a bold and beautiful girl who loves Zarar.

Urwa Hocane as Mehar is an innocent girl who is trying to find a peace in life. Destiny leads her to Zarar.

Haroon Shahid as Junaid is Zarar’s stubborn brother.

Zunaira fights for her lost love, refusing to accept the reality of life.

Drama Cast: Aiman Khan, Akbar Islam, Ali Josh, Hira Salman, Humayoun Ashraf, Imran Abbas Naqvi, Urwa Hocane,


Drama Name: Ary Digital

Language : Urdu

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