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Moomal Khalid

Moomal Khalid is a Pakistani TV actress and model. She began her showbiz profession with displaying and than began acting. Moomal Khalid was born in London, England. In the year 2006,

Moomal relocated to Karachi in Pakistan. Her fiance passed away in an accident in 2015. If you are looking for Moomal Khalid drama list, biography, birthday, age, family, pictures, as well as their first and latest pakistani drama then you can find that here. You can also watch the pakistani dramas Moomal Khalid was cast in here.


Moomal Khalid is very talented model and actress of Pakistan. She is known as very talented actress and designer. Khalid was born in the United Kingdom and then she moved to Pakistan in 2005.She started her career as a commercial ad model and then she got work in drama serials.

Moomal Khalid Death and Her Accident

Moomal Khalid got in an accident while she was driving to the airport with her Fiance. The accident happened in January 2015, where she lost her fiance but she was saved. Moomal Khalid is again working in the showbiz industry. This is a rumor that Moomal Khalid died in that accident.

Birthday: September 2, 1997 In Karachi, Pakistan

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Age: 26

Moomal Khalid was born on 02 September 1997 in Karachi, Pakistan and is 26 years old. You will find Moomal Khalid biography, age, Dramas, Affairs, Net Worth, Life Style & more on this Page

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